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Your Partner in Document Security

We have an integrated production facility to meet the needs of customers seeking for document security. Our printing products include bank cheques, share certificates, cash coupons, digital printings, business forms, paper rolls, labels and tags.

We have our proprietary watermark security paper with various structures and features for different applications. HIPA? is in particular a renowned home brand with products in security paper, micro text security foils and latent text designs.

Professionalism and confidentiality are the mottos of our business. All customer information and printing data are held in absolute confidence, and in no circumstances do we divulge any of our customer’s information to any other parties without consent.

What is Security Printing

Security Printing is a distinctive arm of printing which specialises in document security by using various secure materials and printing features to guard against the forgery of products such as stock banknotes, passports, share certificates, bank cheques, and cash coupons.

Significantly, security printing is guided by a strong code of practice on materials and production control to ensure that the customer’s products are protected against counterfeiting.

Our Works

Security Printing

Business Form

Digital Printing

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